Playful digital products for health and social care.

Flying Kale aims to solve various health and social care challenges by creating a portfolio of immersive and engaging digital products for patients, nursing homes, hospitals and specialized clinics.

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Our Exciting

We strive to make the world a healthier, happier and more conscious place by imaginatively bridging the serious and the playful.

Flying Kale’s playful products are:


Our AR/VR apps and gamified tools contribute to building bridges in society by tailoring the user experience to the needs and specifics of disadvantaged populations.


We design original, creative product concepts that enrich specific niche health and societal issues with the elements of excitement and entertainment.


Together with researchers, we apply relevant theories and evidence to ensure that all our products have meaningful and measurable impact.

Mobile games for a healthier, happier, more conscious and inclusive world.

Mental Health

Empowering various target groups to keep their mind and spirit in good shape through fun experiences. We partnered with the Czech National Mental Health Institute to create a mobile game for tackling OCD symptoms.

Social Care

Equipping nursing homes and remote social care providers with innovative activation tools. Our first product offers VR-based interactive travelling experiences tailored to the needs of the elderly.

Physical Health

Boosting patients’ motivation and engagement with rehabilitation programs and other physical health interventions by applying gamification strategies. Creating original AR/VR-based non-invasive pain management products.

Social Awareness

Creating uniquely engaging and entertaining communication and fundraising tools for partnering NGOs. We are currently kicking-off our first social awareness project addressing climate change and poor environmental practices through a mobile game.

Did you know that kale’s chlorophyll levels make it one of the most resilient vegetables in the world?

We are eager to build a strong portfolio of playful digital products with proven impact. To ensure the products we design are grounded in up-to-date research and industry insights, as well as to strengthen our evaluation processes, we are seeking academia experts and professionals from various healthcare and social care domains. Are you interested in teaming up with us?
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Kaleido: Our first product

VR travelling for the elderly

Tackling dementia with immersion

The primary goal of the product is to offer nursing home clients a convenient way to travel the world and enjoy exciting immersive stimuli which help decelerate dementia.

Facilitating rehabilitation

Users can navigate their travelling experiences through interactive mechanisms tested with and tailored to the needs of the elderly, especially the bed-bound or chair-bound clients.

Support and improvement

We are building a community of forward-thinking nursing homes and activation therapists who will help us continually improve the product with new evidence-based features.

By pioneering the concept of serious playfulness and designing beautifully crafted exciting experiences with impact, we strive to establish games and other immersive technologies as an integral part of health and social care.

Flying Kale’s vision of a better, more thrilling world

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We greatly enjoy teaming up with hospitals, researchers, insurance providers, nursing homes and clinics from all over Europe and beyond.

Are you interested in using one of our products with your clients or patients? Or would you like to partner with us and jointly enrich your field with an exciting product?

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